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What color is this?

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What is the exact name of this color? web page
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i think that is mach orange(copper), only came on the mach audio cars.
Both right and wrong...
Mandarin Copper

...And this does'nt belong in TeamRigz, Rigz is for posting pics of your own car. This should be in PitStop
whatever it is, I dont like it all that much
I think it's called Autumn Orange.
Mandarin Copper.

Autumn Orange was only available in 2000 and it is more of a reddish color (from what I understand, I've never seen it in person).

Blazing Copper appears to be the same as the Mandarin Copper, but for the 2005-up Focus.
This is Autumn Orange. This is the first car that popped in my head, it's CWCZX3's car. Looks a million times better in person, I saw it at JetFest.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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