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What color?

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So... after much thought (and trying to track down a decent amount of French Blue Metallic-M9 paint) I decided on possibly a color change. I know that everyone seems to like the current color, but I have a few spots that need some work as well as the front bumper which needs matching paint, and it would be cheaper to go ahead and spray the whole car. Besides...If I get other body parts later down the road, it'll be a lot easier to go back and get them painted.

So... my two choices so far are candy apple red or another metallic blue color. Later on (as in when I get a c/f hood) I'll be painting the top half of the car black. Any votes?
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stay with another metallic blue if you decide to. I still vote for keeping it the same color.
That was Electron Blue Pearl.

And don't paint your car the same color as a Honda. Just wouldn't be right.

If you MUST switch colors ( I think you should keep the OEM color, it's not very common ), then go with Sonic Blue.
RS BLue..which is Imperial Blue I think ..ROyal Impreial Blue...that is HAWTTTTT
Remy's got it....hahaha!

Stick with the blue!

unless you wanna go competition orange.......:rollseyes:[hint hint]

dentless dave
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as far as not painting the same color as a honda, thats rediculous, OH NOES, DONT PAINT IT RED, I SAW A CIVIC THAT WAS RED LAST WEEK, really, grow up, that is one of the most clean looking blue shades ive ever seen, but yea, he did ask for opinions.
That's not the point. No one's trying to downgrade a Honda by saying he shouldn't paint it a Honda color.

We're saying it's a Ford and he should at least keep it a Ford color.

Besides all that, Sonic Blue and Imperial Blue, even French Blue FAR outclass The Honda blue...Even Dodge's Viper Blue is a much better color.
Keep it blue! Sonic Blue gets a
, but whatever YOU decide is all that matters.
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Well, the car is at the paint shop. When it comes out, it will be Viper GTS Blue...including the side mouldings, hatch trim, handles, and mirrors. Unfortunately, the mirrors are back to stock due to the fact the driver's side aftermarket mirror broke off. I'm getting a killer deal, and will be picking it up on Tuesday.
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Man I can't wait to see it. I didn't think Heather would let you do something like this. make sure you call me when you go to pick it up hell I'll take you.haha
What are you talking about? I run the money and stuff around here! Well, maybe not completely... she's just happy that she got half of my bonus. The paint is coming from another annual payment. I'll be picking it up Tuesday at lunchtime, since I have to work both jobs... and since that's payday. Heather has to take me to the shop since SOMEone has to drive HER car back home.
heres the pics I got today sorry so dark.

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nice color, it's awsome.
I should have some good daytime pics after Sunday's meet.
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