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What do you think of dual brake pedal assembly?

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Just thinking outside the box... but I will have to plum lines for the miata rear disk brakes with the RWD conversion. What if I was to shrink the stock pedal a little, and place another small pedal next to it. Have 1 pedal for front brakes, and 1 for rear. But still be able to push both pedals with 1 foot for normal driving?

That way you can lock the front brakes for burnouts, lock the back for fun, or use a combo of both by rotating the foot a little for autoX racing?

Would involve some work, but I think its a cool idea
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You can get a single brake pedal that uses dual master cylinders with a balance bar in between to adjust front/rear bias or a brake bias adjuster. Willwood makes all that stuff.

I would just get a push button hydraulic line lock for the fronts and plumb it in.

Btw, how big is your foot?
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Well they would be small pedals
. Ya, I know I could just upgrade the stock brake system like I was to install SVT brakes. Might end up doing just that... but this sounded cool.
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Like a trucker?
Do they have that? I wouldn't autoX or drag a rig tho.
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Tractors have something like this, but one brake is for the left and the other is for the right wheel.

In a car that might kill you
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sounds dangerous. your front brakes intentionally do the majority of the braking. Apply too much rear brake while the fronts are going and you'll flatspot them. There's no way you could have any sort of braking precision with the setup you're talking about. If you really want to do what you're talking about, the best ways have been mentioned... hydraulic locks and/or a brake balance controller.
off road stadium trucks have used this technology before to GREAT sucess, and have never had problems, it would take alot to get used to, but the show points in sucha set up would be it'd be a hoot at the track, think about the implications.....I say go for it, it would be damn hard to master, but worth it in the long run
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As some others have said, it may work better for left-and-right braking - otherwise known as "cutting brakes". This technology is used for off-road racing. I,d like to see how it would work for street applications too. Imagine a left (or right) turn with the inside wheels working only (or mostly). The car should rotate better/quicker.
I don't think that this would so much of a bear to control. How about a single pedal (lever) that has a surface that pivots (left and right) in order to manipulate the distribution of braking force (balance). Pretty cool, I think.
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Is what the WRC cars use for the e-brake a hydraulic line lock? I remember reading that somewhere, I'd like more then dual pedals so I could do standing burnouts or to do some front wheel drifting, lol.

hydraulics own.
I say thumbbrakes. Two buttons on each side of the steering wheel where the cruse control goes. One button for each wheel. that way you can push each one as you wish.
I have no idea whether the whole dual brakes set up will do anything for you, but reading this, the suggestion of anything other than foot control sounds good. I haven't really looked under the dash at the brake linkage area but it seems like the mechanics of it would not be worth it. what about the foot only controling the front and the hand brake only controlling the rear?

just throwing the idea out there. no expertise in the area.
It'd be really hard to push a button while doing anything but driving straight.
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