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What happend to Gigaherz

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I have not seen a post from the SPI wizard at all in a couple months people like me need help with certain things like a throttle body mod and others unexplainable by people other than him.

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gig = jesus

He is currently being readied for death and resurrection!

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You guys put way too much faith in me, I'm not that good!

I'm around, I just don't spend every minute in here anymore.
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and viola!
he has been resurrected!
lol gig you need to poat more, and get that damn turbo build done!
so i can haul my happy ass up there and smoke you with my turbo focus when its done!
lol j/k, but seriously
git 'er done!
hey one question for you how do i go about modding a mustang TB to work on my focus????

Here you go, straight from the mods list... The hardest part is going to be making the adapter for the tb. I know a few have tried it from here but I think no one has pulled it off. It isn't as easy as it looks. I don't want to discourage you to try it, just letting you know it's not a walk in the park. Good luck!
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hey thanks id talk to you about it on AIM but your never on it i think i just won a 65mm tb from ebay for cheap so if i win im gonna wanna have spi god on cal LOL.
I don't have AIM on my comp anymore, if you have a question pm me.
See less See more I've been doing for the last hour.
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"Gig, I'm going to PM you a question that I'm not allowed to post in the public forums."


I like the way you worded that, buddy.
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A) you are in ohio and I'm in NY.

B) My damn car has been down for over a year now!
I'm not going to take my mom's car or my work truck out for the weekend. I don't even go to the local meets anymore, it get's tiring not having your car to share in the experience.

Once I have my car up and running and it seems reliable I'll go to alot of meets and the big far away ones like jetfest! I can't wait to start doing that stuff again and to meet you guys.
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I will try my best to be there.
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