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I knew it was bound to happen, and we really haven't seen it in the U.S. with the exception of the Avalanche rear window thing on the Baja and OnStar on Outbacks. But take a look at this:

According to an article on Subdriven The new Justy G3x, while not bad looking for a mini-mini SUV it's built by Suzuki, so yes better looking than the Aerio, but the choice of engines include a Fiat-GM diesel? While I do think Subaru needs a low price entry vehichle, I'm glad this thing won't come state side.

This is worse than Saab using the WRX as the basis for the 9-2.

So if an STi can beat a Vette at the dragstrip, what will they do to the STi?

Sorry for my rant, I just wish the big guys that buy up the small guys could let them retain their individuality.
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