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What is up with some SPI drivers?

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Well...when I see a modded spi focus I try and put FJ on a piece of paper or talk to them at a light or sumtin....

But lately...they have all been dicks to me.

Last nite a saw a modded spi pass me up...slow down...and then fly by me at about 90mph. just trying to get you to roll your damn window down.

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Dude I know what you mean. You are from ohio right? Here in summit county they are the same way
Naw, he's from the big TX. I'm from Ohio though...

You mean you guys see other modded SPI's?!
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the only modded spi's I see are modded with ghetto hubcaps.
I cant pimp anyone. sux.
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the only other modded focus I've seen was gooses' at a car show, I think. and I knew that he knew about FJ cuz I've seen his car on
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