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Hey Randy or anyone else,

I was wondering what is the best mass air meter to use with the porcharger tuner kit for the SVTF?
I have been looking at this kit for a while and there are a few dealers now that are relocating the intercooler to a front mount location. Not that it’s available yet but it should be available shortly.

Reading the SCT manual they recommend using Mustang GT, and or 70mm, 80mm Lighting. I found a few dealers that are selling Mass Air Meters mostly Pro M . I was just wondering for this application what would be the best choice.

I know that I will be removing the sensor from the meter and installing it in their sample tube. I plan on running 60lbs injectors. The SCT manual also says that running MAF calibrated for smaller injectors like 50’s in this case gives better resolution to the MAF curve at idle and part throttle, which would make it easier to tune for good drivability.

At this point I would like to know what my options are and who has the best price. I just what to do my homework, I hate having to do things twice.
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