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What mods now... intake manifold?

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Well I basically now have all the bolt on's. I haven't done any internals yet so I am wondering about my next purchase. I'm thinking either the 2000 intake manifold, or a performance distributors coil pack and wires. What about cam gears do they do anything by themselves?
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1. 2k manifold
2. coils
3. cams? How about stage 2
4. Cam gears, tuned.
cam gears, if tuned (obviously), will help on their own, but it depends on your timing from the factory. i got one of the seemingly magical ones that netted good power from the factory, so i prolly wouldn't benefit much from cam gears right away, i only have intake/tb/exhaust/udp. oh and the 2000 intake mani but i have an early 2000 model
Yeah i'll get the manifold first. Who has the screamin deamon coil do you like it was it worth the money?
Same here Jared, I'll be getting a dyno done soon (after the motor mount) with just suspension and a drop in filter. You can feel the difference between a good factory tuned car vs. bad cam tuning. Mine is also an early 2k (Jan.).
I have the screamin coil and wires along with denso iridium plugs and I think they are worth it
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Go with a real upgrade get my intake manifold on ebay... 20 horsepower easy
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Travis you parting w/the car?
parting with the engine
FR200 manifold? Isn't it actually the zx2 mani?
No this manifold mates originally to the ford race 200 focus that produces 304 bhp. It wont mate to a zx2 because the intake ports are signifigantly raised to be used with the svt head. So i have drilled the holes to correct locations in order to bring the runners down even with our ports. It flows on comparision or better then the fc composite intake manifold. This manifold has longer runners though and that means it will make more midrange then the fc.
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Ported 2000 intake manifold will be a great mod. If you want a bigger gain with IM, check out the focus central IM, a complete redesign with very short runners.
The Fr 200 is better then the Focus central manifold. We already had this debate.
if it got the focus central wouldn't I have to get rid of the egr system?
Yup but the fr200 intake manifold has the egr provision on it
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