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I've got a sohc out back, I'll take a look tomorrow and shoot ya some pics and possibilities. But to be honest, that engine has problems, like dropping lifters that then jam in the combustion chambers thereafter detonating the engine. If you haven't had the lifters changed and updated to ones that won't fail your kinda sitting on a time bomb.
In the first pic, the center circled outlet piece is the pcv valve, a hose goes from it to your intake on the fire wall side of the engine. That hose was notorious for collapsing under vacuum once aged. It then makes the car run like crap.
Same picture, other circled piece on the right side of picture is a breather inlet hose into lower part of air filter housing. That should be connected to the far right top side of valve cover. Which I think is your in you second picture.
Like I said, I'll try and get pics and see if I can describe what pieces I used to alleviate these issues for ya.
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