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What seems to be the problem officer?

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It would be alot better if it was the SRT8
rofls. i agree with the srt8 comment
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how is it not a SRT-8?
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Why don't I see a difference in these cars?
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Its whats on the inside that
Seems like the rims are different

anyways funny picture, someone in a focus do that and post it up here...we'll post bail!
nope this is the SRT-8

then MotorTrend has the wrong car posted under their SRT-8 review. and the only difference exterior wise is the wheels.
color matched mirrors and grille (basically chrome deletion) and a lower lip spoiler
rear lip spoiler too

And the big ass Brembos should give it away too.
Exibition of speed !
He's not moving though
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Exibition of room temperature IQ and dwarfed genitalia !
I fixed it for ya.
Discussion of illegal activities including, but not limited to, street racing, drug use, or swapping of copyrighted material (MP3s, Movies, Software, etc.).
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Exibition of speed !
also waste of finnite recources.
that is if you are in AZ.
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too bad the motorcycle cost more than the car in that photo!! LOL
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