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What suspension are you using?

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I desperately want to upgrade my SVT suspension, which has over 100,000Km on it, and I want the RIGHT stance on 'er...not SLAMMED, but certainly lower than stock...
I want something more firm than stock and I'm looking to keep the car flat and not pitching and rolling around...
If you can post a pic of your ride, and let me know what suspension your using, as well as your thoughts on ride and handling, that would be GREAT!!
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In my opinion a set of 2" drop springs (or kit) puts the focus at the perfect height (assuming no crazy size wheels.) You get more the look / fender gap of a BMW, or euro look.

Also, this puts your control arms at perfectly level (on level ground) That means you're at a really good place as far as having enough travel left in your suspension to handle bumps, as well as retaining a good amount of dynamic camber. You'll also be right at the OEM spec limit of static negative camber. All this means that (assuming your dampers match your springs well) you'll have very good daily driver friendly handling.

I am very happy with my -2" Apex springs. They're compliant enough to not make my but sore, yet stiff enough to keep the car from bottoming out no matter how hard I try. The Apex springs have an ideal front:rear spring rate balance, which again is good for handling. Apex springs will run you $110 if you can find them. (They're no longer available state-side. But try McNews. They always seem to have a couple sets left.)

There are 3 main options regarding dampers. Koni Sports, GAZ adjustables, or KYB AGX. I'm using Koni Sports quite happily. I find that keeping the front set on full soft, and the rear on half firm is balanced well for comfortable street handling.

Koni Sports are the North American standard for quality and will run you about $600. They are rebound adjustable. The company has excelent customer support and will revalve (for high spring rates) or rebuild your dampers (as an alternative to replacement) upon request.

GAZ is the european counterpart to Koni. There are people who will say GAZ is better then Koni but the trade off is that if you have problems you've got to ship your damper(s) back to europe for service which can take over a month. GAZ makes adjustable dampers that are comparable to Koni Sports for about the same price.

KYB AGX is the budget alternative to adjustable damping. Lesser quality, but by no means junk. There are a number of people who are happily using KYB AGXs. A set of these dampers can be had for about $375

That's all you need to know about shocks, springs & ride height unless you're planning on spending big >$1k on coil overs. Or if you're looking for a specific purpose- like competition then there are some other kits that will work well for you.

Best of luck,
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I'm planning on going with 18" O.Z. rims (Focus RS) with F2 widebody kit...however, 2" drop sounds rather excessive (is that a 2" drop on an SVT or regular Focus?)
Can you show me a pic of your ride with this setup? Thanx
Also, is anyone running the Eibach's? Do you have a pic?
(is that a 2" drop on an SVT or regular Focus?)
The drop is almost always measured from a stock Focus. So this will actually be about a 1.25" drop from your SVT suspension.

Also, the Eibach Sportlines (their 2" drop) aren't the best setup around. They're certainly better than the really cheap brands, and they're fine for just cruising around, but their springs are very soft for such a large drop. As a result, the ride will be jarring over rough pavement, and they won't handle all that well. With 18x8s this problem may be even worse, as you'll have less sidewall to soften the ride.

P.S.: I'm personally a fan of the 1.5" drop. A setup with the Eibach Pro springs (which ride better than Sportlines) or Apex 1.5"s should put you near the Focus RS' stock ride height.
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I thought the Sportlines were Eibach's track setup springs (i.e. very stiff and large drop)? Aren't the Prolines a somewhat less of a drop, and less of a spring rate compared to the Sports, and more appropriate for street use?
And please!!! Post some pic's guys!
Well, the Sportlines are stiffer than the Pro springs, yes. However, the Pros are much stiffer relative to their drop than the sportlines. Lower springs need stiffer spring rates to prevent the car from bottoming out. Because the Pro-kit only drops the car 1.5", its spring rates are high enough to keep this from happening. But the Sportlines are a half-inch lower and only a little bit stiffer, so they bottom out more often.

For comparison, the H&R Race is a 2" drop, and is considered to be a high-performance spring. The Sportlines have variable spring rates of 131-262 lb/in (front) and 102-171 lb/in (rear), while the H&R Race have 325 lb/in (front) and 375 lb/in (rear). That high spring rate is uncomfortable but stops the car from bottoming out, which is more uncomfortable, upsets the handling, and has the potential to damage suspension over time.
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What suspension are you using?

There's a thread that's been stickied called Post Your Suspension Set Up Vol. 2.0 at the top of this forum's index.
Thanks Z63R...I dunno how that got past me
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Well, that wasn't exactly what I was after...
Want I really want is a pic of a Focus (preferably SVT) and the type of suspension on it!
I want to know how low of a drop to get the proper stance that I'm craving...then I'll figure out how harsh a ride I want after that...
So, lets see your rides please!!
Thanks Z63R...I dunno how that got past me

I must've been in a pissy mood when I posted that.

I think what you're looking for is a 1.5 or 1.6 inch drop; that's about perfect for 17's and street duty.

Consider the new Koni Sport Kit?

H&R Sport springs and whatever dampers?

The new FRPP Dynamic Suspension Kit? Inverted struts...
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not the best pic but....

progress springs 1.8in drop
17x7.5 wheels w/ 215/40 tires

im pretty pleased with my set up. i havent rubbed once & its great for a daily driver
and no auto-x or anything. just my daily driver
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Thanks DanielSan...your ride looks great!
A couple of things...when I go shopping for springs, the drop is measured on a regular Focus (not SVT), correct? But the lowering will end up being exactly the same on both cars if they used, for example, spring 'A' on both, right?
Would I really notice any difference between say a 1.8" and a 2" drop? Likewise, a 1.5" drop compared to a 1.8" like Daniels Focus?
I will eventually be going with 18" rims, so how will this effect the 'look', if at all?
Go with the Dynamic Suspension Kit from Ford Racing. The eibach kits will give you a lower stance, but probably won't outhandle the SVT. The Dynamic however probably will. If you have the money left, get a Torsen or Quaife LSD and it will be like night and day.


PS: The kit gives you about an inch and a half drop
The Dynamic...thats the beefy looking upside down strut type kit, right? I was checking 'er out earlier. Sounds like some serious suspenders! I like 'em!
Anyone running them on their car? Blake?
That is my planned suspension. There is a guy who posted here not too long ago. All he did was rave about it. It is a progressive spring rate, tender for daily driving and more aggressive for track. He replace his SVT suspension with it and swears that is a huge improvement. Can't find the thread or the guys user name. There is a review of it in the second issue of Focus Fanatics. They seemed to really enjoy it, but then again, they enjoy everything focus related. In short though, it is probably the best non-adjustable setup you can get.
Drop is typically measured from a stock NON-svt stance. However both SVT & NON-SVT will have exactly the same stance on any given suspension set.

The difference between 1.5" & 2.0 inches is obviously only a half inch... I would think any less of a difference then that would be hard to notice. I personally don't see 1/4" making much difference neither in appearance or functionability.
My sentiments, I guess it's the Ford Racing Dynamic suspension for me! I'll have to make out my letter to Santa Claus soon...

I still want to see a pic of a SVT with these suspenders though! Anyone?
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