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What the hells up AZ?!

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So whats been goin on with you guys over there lately?Hope youve all been good for Santa this year.As for me,well im doin pretty damn good.After I had to move back things were kinda ruff,but got much better day by day.I am now a Ironworker thanks to a good friend of mine for helpin me out.I did buy a car,which of course,wasnt a Focus,couldnt find one on such short notice.Not sure if told you guys what it was in the past,but its a 2003 Sable w/ the Vulcan motor.Very good car I must say,nice and comfy.We still have our 99 Ranger.If things go well by next July,me and the woman are gonna get married.Im Dj'in 2 nights a week,and that helps with $$$ big time!Miss the weather and hangin out with you guys.Todd still changin parts on the car like crazy? Johnny get his damn car runnin right? Kona still at the end of the pack ?
I do see V of R got his ride fixed.
Hows LightingGod doin? Hope alls well with everyone.
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good to hear all well man yeah i got my stuff back together not sure about the others kona's away for awhile and everything else is good i think not sure about johnny's car haven't seen him around in awhile
Glad to see your doing well, you need to come back and visit sometime.
Hey Mike, When are you coming back?
Copy that...oh, and by the way...the Kona's not bringing up the rear anymore.
Sup guys? Well,as far as coming back goes,its not in the future plans as of yet.Who knows,maybe a visit for the Winter.Me and the guy that I went to live with arent really on talkin terms right now.I would however like to someday,I miss it out there. Hey Kona,good to hear your in with crowd now instead of lurkin in the back
Someone get some pics up of the next g2g.
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