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what times with a 50 shot

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Hey i was wondering what quarter mile time can be expected with a 50 shot of nitrous and a lightweight flywheel?Other mods Steeda SRI, Magnaflow Exhaust, Ford Racing Plug Wires, AZFS22C Plugs, Nitto Neo Gen Tires, Prothane Lower Motor Mount, Clutchmaster's Stage 4 Clutch. Fidanza Flywheel,
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This would probably do better in the drag forum.
In what car??? SVT, Std Zetec, Duratec, what??
In what car??? SVT, Std Zetec, Duratec, what??
It was moved from the SVT forum, so my guess would be SVT.
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Mid 14's seem very doable. Low 14's if you are a shiznit driver. IIRC, the lowest stock SVT #'s I have seen are 15.3 or so. Add 50-60 WHP on top of that and mid-low 14's are money.

Just found this in another SVT thread. 80 shot NOS though. Should give you an idea though.

"K&N short ram, FC underdrive pulleys
FC off-road pipe, MSD DIS-2
N.O.S wet kit (80shot) w/heater and remote opener
Steeda short shifter, Phantom grip
03 SVTF best E.T. 13.4, best M.P.H 106"
Hey thats my sig!. yep 13.4 is my best so far. i got D.R.'s though and im shootin for 12's!
Over a second drop in ET and 7-8mph, if you don't spin the tires too much.

Your key to low ET's with nitrous is the earlier you can use it in 1st gear, the quicker you will go.

Nitrous is TORQUE, ET is a function of gearing, available torque and available traction.

The first statemennt makes the second make even more sense.

DR's are min, Slicks are prefered for anything higher than 75hp and you really should be getting 60ft times in the 1.9 range with DR's and mid 1.8's if your really good and your car is setup right.
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