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What wrong with this thing?

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I have a 2003 SVT and the gearshift stick is really loose and moves around a lot when it's in gear. I was just wondering if it was something simple that i could fix or if it was more complicated and i should take it into the dealer. It moves a good 2 inches in each direction and is really wobbly when it's in gear. It's making it hard to find gears.

I was reading since i searched before posting if this was anything like the problems people were having when their trannies were sticking in gear. Some of the syptoms sound the same but mine shifts just fine it's just really really wobbly when it's in gear
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I'm not sure about the SVT, but I have heard of a few ZX3 owners having broken shift mounts. This is the mount under the shift stick itself and it's plastic (ZX3). I would take the center console off and take a quick look just to be sure, but best bet is taking it in for warranty work.
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