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Whats a good place to look at car paint jobs..

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For ideas. Car isnt being painted yet for a month or so, so i guess i could "attempt" to come up with something. I just have 0 artistic ability
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you could ask people from this board for help designing, there are alot of good artists on here, if you need help picking a place to get it done, i can help you with that.
Hehe, thnx, i really want something different and i really like racer-x's car but like someone else said i should see if i can find something someone presumbably doesnt have yet.

I just SOOOOOOOoo suck at art.

As to having it done, how can you help me when your in Cali? Im in Maryland
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Could go either way.

Im having the car painted regardless. Just if the design is a painted design, then ill take it to the guy who paints cars for the car club.

If its vinyl, then ill just have maaco paint the car for 700 dollars =P
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