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Whats the STOCK hp rating on the SPi 2.0 engine??

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Hey guys im considering buying one of the 2.0 spi engines. whats the better engine? the zetec or the spi?? whats the difference in power between the 2 besides the DOHC and SOHc???
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The Zetec-SE is a nice alloy block, alloy head engine. One swap that might work would be to import a Zetec-SE 1.7 from Europe from a Puma -- 125 HP in the standard Puma or 155 HP if you can find a wrecked Puma ST160.

Before you go to the trouble of getting a motor shipped then doing the swap look into performace parts for the 1.6 Zetec. The Zetec 1.6 was also used in the European Fiesta-S. My cousin in Madrid, Spain has a 1999 1.6 Zetec ZX5. I think that engine was rated at 108 HP.

If you swapped a 110 HP 2.0 SPI for the 108 HP 1.6 Zetec you would be swapping low end torque for high end HP. Before you go to the trouble of an engine swap see if you can get performance parts from British or German tuning firms. There are cams, headers, turbo kits, etc. available for the 1.6 Zetec.

If you do decide to do a swap put the biggest, baddest engine that will bolt in. Check to determine if the Zetec-S is a VCT motor. It would probably be easier to do a direct VCT for VCT (or non-VCT for non-VCT) swap. I would probably go with a 2.0 Zetec or if you are bold, the 2.3 Duratec HE 4 cylinder.

(I own both a VCT Zetec ('00 ZX2 S/R) and a CVH 1.9 ('95 Escort LX wagon) so I speak for both sides...)

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