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Whats the STOCK hp rating on the SPi 2.0 engine??

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Hey guys im considering buying one of the 2.0 spi engines. whats the better engine? the zetec or the spi?? whats the difference in power between the 2 besides the DOHC and SOHc???
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The 2.0 spi has 110 HP, 125 TQ

The 2.0 zetec has 130, 135 TQ

What engine do you have now in your car and what do you plan on doing? It's hard to say which one to get unless you give us more info.
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Well, john seems to know a bit about this so I would go along with what he said. I would look into what engines came with what trannies as well and try and get one that was bolted to the same one you have now to make your life easier. I would stick with a zetec no matter what unless you plan on going with a standalone computer.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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