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Whats the STOCK hp rating on the SPi 2.0 engine??

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Hey guys im considering buying one of the 2.0 spi engines. whats the better engine? the zetec or the spi?? whats the difference in power between the 2 besides the DOHC and SOHc???
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Gigaherz- lets mw tell you like it is. I have the 1.6 zetec-se (uk version) Our engines were developed half Yamaha/half Ford. The engine is reversely setup to yours- intake and exhausts on opposite sides. Its rated at 100 bhp but it feels more like 90. Its a bummer to try and find performance parts for this engine , leaving me with the option of puttin in a 2.0
I can get a spit port engine as well as a zetec 2.0 from you guys in the USA.
Then put some power to the asphalt.Unless you have recommendations.
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JOhn, hey thanks alot for the advice i will take it in strides. I do however have one question. You say that there are headers and Turbo kits available- I have not seen any company that carries headers for the 1.6 zetec-SE.
And as far as i know there is only Vaanaken who is working on the turbo kit for the 1.6.
In the mean time Hondas are killing me daily.
Im actually looking for a reputable machinists to port and polish the head and Turbo (home made) to get up to about 150-165 bhp- that should be good- any thoughts??
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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