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Where can I get SVT leather shift boot??

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I just recieved my order of from last night. Well, I tried to order the SVT leather shift boot, but my receipt said "No longer available from Ford" I tried and they no longer carry it, but I did order the E-Brake boot from them the other day..

Any other place?

BTW, part number 2M5Z-7210-AAA
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ive been searching also. If you find out let me know.
Ooooo, Ooooooo, I know,I know........You can't

For some stupid reason Ford decided to discontinue that part. Why???? Dunno, makes no sense.

So I looked around and found a compatible part.....That compatible part is from a Focus RS...Yes a Focus RS!!!
Well now you should know who you need to talk to for any
"European-part" hint hint....I got mine and it is exactly the same as the SVT, so call you know who and order the part.
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Just ordered mine from Sascha. I guess his site is not linked here.

And a new rear wiper arm. It looks like an Infinity FX. Check it out.
Thanks... Hey how does that back windshield wiper look? Is it a direct replacement or just a cover? BTW haven't looked at how the wiper assembly looks, but how was the install? Looks sweet from his ebay pic.
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