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Which Online Source For Parts???

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Who has had a positive experience with one of the OEM Ford Parts companies that does business online?

I always feel like I am just randomly picking amoung the choices, which kind of creeps me out....
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I've bought parts through two of them, the one I recommend the most is:

Great service, decent prices, they run good sales, and even service way after the sale. Theresa is the online parts manager, she rocks, will search and search for what you want, follows up with everything and does exactly what she says she will and goes way beyond the call of duty. They are a part of South West Ford in Texas.

I've ordered from them once, good prices, they called me up to verify my order and to let me know the item was on back order, they sent it out quickly once they got it. They are run by Titus-Will Ford in Washington State.
Thanks very much Emu and Z!
I do cuz they're in WA so I don't pay sales tax... and they usually have flat-rate shipping on most stuff. is in Cali, and usually the shipping + sales tax = what I'd pay in markup at my local dealer.... so if I need it now, I'll go to my local guy. Otherwise if I can wait a few days... tis!
Thanks very much Emu and Z!
No problem.
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Usually cheaper or on par with the others listed and has FREE shipping.
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