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Should be the right spot, if not please move it.

whp guess, and 1/4 mile times guess.

scenario 1. ac3, 2.5 exhaust, intake, and tb. no transmission work with good driving

scenario 2. ac3, 2.5 exhaust, intake, and tb. stronger clutch, aluminum flywheel, and quaife.

also a couple questions.
1. what intake should i use. searched and found somebody saying they fit the volant to it, but somebody else couldnt get it to fit, so i probably dont wanna go that route. any kits that just bolt right up, or with little mdofication? i saw p's but i dont think i want that either. do you think the the stock box with k&n panel filter and svt snorkel will flow enough air?

2. is 3 inch exhaust overkill for this kit, or just stay with 2.5?

3. anything i should be aware of before I install the kit?
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