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It is possible to hit high 14's 14.8/14.9 with the standard kit and at least a few additional bolt onns , intake TB, Header, Cat back.

"shaving some weight" will help cut a tenth or two. This kit is not built for the kind of power needed to run 13 or 14 second time slips "standard ZX3 kit". Reliability and usable streetable power would be a good description of the kit. I would not do more than a pass or two with the kit due to the higher underhood temps. This will only lower your friends time slips. The charger gets real hot when pushed hard.

I have it and love it. It doesen't have enough juice to race it! That's why I am hoping that JR will soon offer the boost upgrade kit.

Highway driving feels great with the JRSC you dont have to downshift to pass slower moving vehicles. So for every day driving my car runs real strong just not fast enough to drag race it at the track.

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