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Woot my SVTF JRSC video.. I never heard it before

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Darren5.0L (an svtoa member in edmonton) surprised me with a video he made about my car! What an awesome gift ... Its the first time i've ever heard my supercharger and 3" exhaust from outside the car .

The video footage is one of our track days .. the put me with the mustangs because the last time i kept out running everything else

here it is!

Click to download (7mb)
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Good stuff man! I, like you, have never actually heard my car from the outside besides on a dyno. It's kind of hard to hear your car over all those wicked sounding 'stangs though...

That's a pretty sweet short movie. Good quality, the camera man is skilled! Props to the video creator as well, good info, excellent music too!

Nice car, keep smokin 'em at the tracks!
I think my favorite shot was the still when the SVT was clear and everything else was blurry/out of focus (pardon the pun)

Nice Vid and nice car.
Nice video, love that jrsc whine.
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yeah the jrsc whine at the end was the best!!!!
thanx guys ... i forwarded your comments to the video editor and he's happy to hear positive feedback .. and i'm also happy to have received your feedback . thanx a tonne .
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