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Worlds fastest SVT Focus

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Watch out for this guy, he was running mid 16's last night, LOL!

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Clue me in, is that you or someone else?
16's!!!!! [Head explodes} Only 16's, but he has all those stickers! Man this performance stuff is hard
I am in a sarcastic mood tonight, sorry guys.
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Isn't that someone from this board's car???

With all those stickers 15s can't be far off..........
Call me crazy...but I think the car is sharp...although I wouldnt be running it at the 1/4 mile till I good back up the looks...thats just me. O, and why the helment? Is that required at the track you guys were at? If not...I might have to joke with him about wearing a helment and not breaking 80mphs...
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actually i like the stickers on the car too, anyone have any idea where those are available?
Here is my reasoning with the whole decal plastered car thing. I will always have a lot more respect for the clean, stock looking car that is quick than a decal plastered one of similar quickness. The sleeper look is just far more appealing in my opinion.
Helmet is required by everyone at the local 1/4. (I know its gay) I just think its funny his car is all stickered up and he m,ust drive it slow or something, there was also a bblue one that looked stock turning 16.5's as a best? WTF When I was stock a turned a 15.3 at this track, lol.
the driver has a lot to do with it. Maybe he is just learning and needs to gain some experience. Get rid of the neon...maybe you will pick up a second or so!

suxs about the helmets. But better safe than sorry.
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i dunno man, what are the specs of that car? like, does it have a blower, or a supercharger? any other engine mods to it?? R U sure its the worlds fastest SVT Focus?
Pssp, if your going to be sarcastic you have to add atleast one simily. This whole thread is sarcastic.
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