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We have a 2001 ZX3 Focus that we are using to go Chumpcar racing. Zetec power. The problem we are having is we seem to be really aero\power limited. Much more so than other cars in our class\perceived base power. 90 MPH in May with no windows in the car. 100 MPH in a couple weeks ago with rear windows and hatch window.

There really isn’t a whole lot we can do within the rules aero wise other than dropping the whole car. We are in the processing of seeing about that but in the mean time I am looking to other avenues of what the issue could be.

Per our PCM reading device our throttle body sensor is reading 22% when closed and 93% when wide open, both from the pedal and from me holding it open. Is this normal? Could we be missing out on the WOT settings because the sensor isn’t giving us a reading to activate them? I have looked here and elsewhere but have yet to find out where the PCM goes to WOT settings.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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