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Just wondering does anyone know if Version 2 of the S-AFC would help our car out at all.This is the same as the little electronic blue one we all know of but slightly different.
The only differences I know of as of now are:
NEW S-AFC II(The 2nd generation version).

Adjustable fuel curve:
12 points (apposed to 8 on the original one)

Adjustable fuel increments: 200 rpm (500 rpm on the first one)
Voltage keeping circuit :
-- Increasing the actuation of the digital air-flow signal
Monitor display optimizing: -- Choosing item (air-flow pressure, etc-)
Display color:
Blue(401-A011) / White(401-A012)
Additional functions : -- Knocking level monitor
New monitor screen
-- Two memory recall for data setting
-- By pass correction
-- Engine caution warning
-- Password lock
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