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Wow... just wow

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i always wanted to know what a trailer trash dream focus would look like and now i do.
that looks absolutely hideous...dude shoulda at least started with a sedan
I think the idea is ok but they only went half way. OK, maybe only 25% of the way. Start with a ZX3 because of the coup style doors. But you gotta completely redo the rear- into a sedan style. Not some hack job hatch door with generic tail lights. Then mould everything together so there aren't seams.

Oh, and the interior IS absolutely hideous.

But the front quarter shot in the first post is half decent. Makes me think that if someone took the idea 100% of the way it could be bad-ass!
like maybe a focus vignale?

there was another ford focus concept convertible from a few years back as well that was very professionally done.
and the paint in the interior is cool......but overdone


oh and the roof is missing
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I agree.. this focus does not look all that great.. If this guy wanted to go all the way with this car, he should get rid of the hatch key hole and trunk release.. if he hit the button the back would fall off..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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