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WOW Name this car!

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Can you do it? I have never seen this one before anyone?
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baja focus?
Holy Crap
its def. a focus, with baja suspension, that is amazing!!!!!
Can you do it? I have never seen this one before anyone?
I'll take 2!!! That is bad to the bone!!!
What's the big deal? The height looks just about like stock, doesn't it?
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That's awesome!
It has to be amazingly fun.

Sign me up for the mid-engine and (hopefully) AWD Baja Focus.

Focus FX4?
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I like the side exaust
Nothing all it had was this one photo and that was it. I looked through like 400 photos and nothing else could be found not even a name.
Hmm does have a 6 bolt lug pattern.
I've never understood something...

With all that other fab work... why even bother putting a Focus frame on it? Why not just fab all of it?
Haven't been able to find any more info about it, but I did find this. Don't know if this has made it around the forum before or not so...

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Yeah, we've seen that one. Find the rallye/baja focus thingy!! It is from europe somewhere!!
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I'm glad more people are into this now

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I would KILL for something like that sicko... My last trek into the desert for geodes resulted in a hammered Focus.
The original pic appears to be off of a rally fan page in Latvia. I registered for the site and I've been cruising through it but I don't know the language and I haven't yet been able to find a search function
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Ielika: Klusais (720x576px 89 kB)
Vai kads ir oscar redzejis shadu???
Shadi tas izskatas NIKNAKS...

thats the heading under the pic, anyone care to translate?

what language do they speak in latvia, is it latvian, or some other germanic language?
The new ford Escapade with 4wd rock clibing powar!!!!!!!
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