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well someone took the time to do one for the honda type R saying if it wasnt a type r then it aint a tight car...

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You may not like rap, and that's ok, but you've GOT to admit that it ain't easy to make all the SVTF's features and specs rhyme.

Is this why we have a subwoofer?

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Going to give this a bump. TDIB just posted a video about an SVT that he was reviewing, and I made a comment on the video calling out all of the visual mods that were done (nerding out a bit). Then I remembered this song.

Does anyone remember this song? Or have a copy of it? Let me refresh your memory with the lyrics.... lol

Yea, J-Rig(?)
I know you saw the website
(uh huuh)
With SVT baby
Uh, and ZX3
Only an SVT
Could sell the ZX3
All souped up
For less than 18 G's
Have the winter package
And a sterio
And with a moon roof
The price is still low
For less than 20 grand
Its loaded to the max
Not including the license fees
And sale's tax
Enough about money
Lets talk about specs
Start off with the modified Zetec
Two overhead cams
In this two point oh
Make the 16 valves
Go open and closed
Bigger intake valves
Higher valve spring rates
And the cam timing
Varies on the intake
Seven Two Double Oh
Peeks rev's per minute
Cast aluminum pistons
And forged rods in it
A 10 point 2 to 1 ratio
And premium fuel
Is what makes it go
A dual stage intake manifold
So there's power up high
And there's torque down low
Four Two One exhaust of stainless steel
A six speed tranny
And a trick flywheel
A four wheel disk brakes
On antilock
Performance suspension
With our tuned shocks
Larger stabilizer bars
Stiffer spring rates
Combined together
Make the car handle great
17 inch wheels
Konig low profile
Front and rear fascia's
Add major style
Front and rear grills
Are black honey comb
And the exhaust pipe tip
Is made of polished chrome
A spoiler in the rear
The rocker is unique
The SVT badge
Lets you know that its tweaked
You know what it means
When you see those three letters
Whatever others do
You know we can do it better
The ride inside is styled filled to the brim
With red and blue cushions
And matching trim
Black leather seats
And they're extra padded
On the dash, oil temp
And pressure gauges added
Electro luminescence
And titanium face
Make a statement with these gauges
While displaying the taste
The metal covered pedals
Are placed for heal to toe
The one sixty speedo
Lets you know it can go
Cars looking fast
Get passed by ours
The SVT Focus just raised the bar
Lean and mean
And on the three door scene
Been on the cover
Of every car magazine
When the smoke cleared
And the tests were done
We're a cut above the rest
And rated number one
So what's this all mean
For buyers out there?
For less than 20 grand
No other car can compare

I may or may not have a copy of this song................... I tried posting something a while ago on a Donut Media video when they did something SVT related, but I got no response. Again, I made a post on TDIB's latest video, and doubt he is going to see it. I'm just looking to get some feedback from someone who may have never heard the song all these years later. :) But I'm looking to see if I can find it somewhere on the net for reference.
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