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Wrecked one of my toys.

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This Sat. went out riding with another buddy that has a bike. We were out in the country when I took this turn about 50mph-55mph and hit some loose [censored] on the road. The bike and I skidded into the grass were than it started doing flips I was ejected like a rocket. Flew about 25 feet and the bike ended up 1 foot behind me. It was pritty exciting. Had to ride back on the bike for 10 miles untill we got to a gas station.

Here are some before pics and after pics.

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that sucks, your lucky though. Could have been alot worse on you and the bike
Hope you were wearing your BRAIN BUCKET!!! Glad you're alive!!!

Yeah i had my brain bucket on, gloves, boots and jeans and a long sleave shirt. Man if I didnt have boots on my ankle would be broken. Just a few scratches on my arm nothing serious.
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whoa glad you are ok, sure seems funny after the fact though but never while it happens

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I guess its time to Upgrade...

HAYABUSA!!! 1300 turbo... haha... Sorry to see your bike got hurt, but the important thing is ur OK.

Glad you're okay! Do you have any idea if the bike is going to be repairable or if it is totalled? I've been lucky enough not to drop my R6 yet, but I've only been riding since last May.
<font color="blue"> it was pretty exciting?
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Very happy you came out of it more or less in one piece.
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