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WTT: I need Drums with spindles!!!!

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New Problem...
Thanks for the wheels Mike

But now I find out one lug on each of my rear drums was put on cross threaded, and when I tried to get them off the stud are spining.

Is there anyone local to San Jose with spare drums that happen to have spindles in them?

I still have the following to trade:
stock 2000 ZTS suspension, 2000 stock headlights, Euro rear sedan bumper, 15" Split 5 spokes
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Re: WTT: I need TIRES!!!

u mite want to put what size u need
Re: WTT: I need TIRES!!!

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Re: WTT: I need TIRES!!!

I would trade, but shipping would be horrible.
Re: WTT: I need TIRES!!!


do you still need these?
i have some just sitting around, they have about 35-40% treadlife left on them

let me know, i'm in palm springs, CA
we can meet up or i can drive to meet you

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I got drums and all from a 2003 ZX3. Hit me up on PM if you want them. I am in Sacramento.
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