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Yes the new winter rig!!!

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What a beaut. $300 bucks. 5 speed and runs sick!!! needs some rocker panels. anyone got an idea on what to do abotu them. no one happens to have a set do they. sheet metal and some rivets??? lol

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where do you find these beaters damnit. I want a car for like 50 bucks that runs.

awesome..... "ahem" -waves 50-
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sunbirds are such fun little cars.....hopefully the rear brakes and the e-brake work cuz they are winter rally/drift monsters!!...
just make sure to check and see if the heater core has been bypassed...cuz theyre a b**** to do...
you have to remove the steering rack and all that junk to get at it!
congrats on the sweet little winter beater
nice beater
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needs some rocker panels. anyone got an idea on what to do about them.

DIAMOND PLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahaha!!!! i dont think im gunna spend the money on the diamond plate for that car. maybe some sheet medal and some rivets lol.
Ya, or make friends with a guy with a MIG welder
. Would be fairly easy to patch.
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im thinkin the foam to my bumper im gunan cut up and stuff int here then bondo over it and fill it all in.
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