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YRFO ECU calibration - thanks SVT...

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since we all know SVT reads our posts, I would just like to say that after three weeks and over 1,000 miles with the update my car runs GREAT!!

Power is now linear with better low-end torque and it runs like the SVT I wanted to purchase. That annoying surging when cold is now gone also. It's just more great fun to drive now.

I know that SVT did not have to work on and release this update and I wanted to let them know I do appreciate their efforts.

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Yes. I am extremely grateful that this has seemed to alleviate most if not all of the problem issues.


ps...SVT...pleez skip over the guys mods....will ya?
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Yep, Just had my re-flash a few days ago and I’ve had nothing but prefect drivability. I was hesitant because it ran really good on RLA2 with only minor problems on the long list in the new TSB. The new 5000-rpm DSI opening takes less time to rev it near red line, which equates to a faster car. Finally it drives like it should. Thanks SVT
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I also would like to thank the folks at SVT for this latest upgrade. I really appreciate it. My '02 runs great now. Like it always should have. That's why I'm not so inclined to agree that SVT didn't have to work so hard on this latest program. My previous engine performance (read horrid surging) was not acceptable on any modern vehicle. Now that mine is fixed, I am even more ashamed to have bought it used, thinking that it could be "repaired" under warranty. For a while I thought I was the chump because the engine surged and bucked around town and took away any driving pleasure and the dealers told my they couldn't think of anything else to do as my car checked out "fine except for the surging". Why did it take over two YEARS for SVT correct this problem? This is the reason why almost everyone who has gotten the new program is so happy now (myself included). I'm just still a little upset we all had to endure all the depressing engine management issues for so long. Thanks, finally, SVT.
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So far so good........
1500 miles and now just back from a 650 mile road trip to Lake Havasu city.
Throught the deaert in the middle of the night...... Mmmmmm crusing at speed...... Arizona is 75mph limit

I filled up at home with gas upto the filler spout, and filled it the next AM to the filler spout. 26.8 MPG
When I left town filled it to the spout again, and 5mph less average to home filled it again
and 27.8mpg.
1 out of 4 times it is real hard to start 8-10 cranks
. that after it's been running, and just normal city driving

Maybe I'll buy a new set of sparky plugs, and give it some new spark
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Still only 200 miles into new flash, but very noticable improvement: nice linear power throughout the rpm range.
Too early to see milage change( I've only filled up once since then, but I log it into a pda, so I'll have very accurate records.)
Thanks guys, you usally just hear the gripes, but there are a lot of us that really like this car and the improvements you make.
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I have had the YRFO update since the 8th of this month and although the mpg can't be detected as of yet since I filled up on the same day but it already shows my SVTF has travelled further and it is only at a 1/4 tank full now instead of the low fuel light coming on
Another thing that I noticed is that it takes less time for the engine to warm up fully now.

Plus,the DSI kicks in at a nice 5000 rpms now instead of much higher.

Finally,I can start my car when cold and drive off without having to wait a few minutes like it use too.
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same here. great update. so far all issues have been resolved. I had one cold start issue with the car feeling very sluggish and spitting and stuff, but since that one time, nothing but great driving. The camming in there again at cold start, but not as bad as RLA2. No big deal to me since it stops after a minute or so.

so thanks for the hard work and listening to us all.
I don't post much, but I just had the new flash done today. There is absolutely no question my car is faster now. First gear feels great. It revs very quick now. Taking off from a light with AC on is much easier. There is NO surging now. I have not tried a stone cold start, but driving this car is like having a completely new car.

Only one "different" thing to report. It takes more engine cranking to start the car. This is very strange, but is not a problem. If you have an older update, I urge you to get the new one. This car has picked up power, I just don't know how much.
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Going in tomorrow morning. I'm on RLA6 and the car runs great, I just gotta lose that damn surging - it drives me
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Got mine done today. Didnt die once all day *crosses fingers*.
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