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I just purchased my first American car a while back, a 2005 Focus ZX3 S. I had to get rid of my 2004 350Z for financial reasons, and I happened to come across a brand new 0 miles ZX3 for $10,000. I was ready to accept the fact that I will be driving a completely boring ride, but now after driving the focus for a month even after the 350Z, I must say I am very pleased with it. It pulls decently hard in traffic and the transmission is incredibly smooth, now if the suspension was a little stiffer and the car a little lower I would be very happy. I wasn't planning on spending any money on it, but now I'm really curious to see what an intake would do to this litte bugger.
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welcome to the jet

an intake is probably the best bang for your buck
our sponsers such as
Focus Sport
F2 Focus
and others have intakes around $200

my intake did a nice improvement to my car

and check out suspension parts at both of those companies as well

there is a wealth of knowledge here and everyone is very friendly and you'll have all the answers you need from somebody that knows what to do

take care

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may i suggest the SVT suspension. contact one of our sponsors. full SVT suspension(shocks,struts,springs,anti-roll bars) for about 250-275$ drops the car about .5-1" or get the kit and buy a different spring like the eibach prokit sprins or apex springs which lower it about 1.5" and can be found pretty cheap.

welcome hope you enjoy the focus you can easily make it handle better than the Z once you get rid of the 4x4 stock height
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I was ready to accept the fact that I will be driving a completely boring ride, but now after driving the focus for a month even after the 350Z, I must say I am very pleased with it.

Where've you been?
All the major carmags have raved about the Ford Focus since it North American intro back in 2000. Two years before that the Focus made it's European debut to a standing ovation and European Car of the Year.

The Focus is a "major smile machine", says Nate (BmoreZX3)

Welcome to [FJ]

If you want the car just a little lower, want vastly improved handling and retain some ride comfort then go for the SVT Focus suspension Kit from Ford Racing Performance Parts.

Almost all of the sponsors of [FJ] sell them at a deep discount compared to the FRPP catalog's list price.

And yes, a cold air intake will net an appreciable gain in whp.
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head to duratec tuning. there's already almost as much support for the basically 2 year old engine as there is for the zetec, which was in the focus for 5 years and in the escort for a couple more years.

the engine's actually pretty impressive and is pretty much begging for as much air as you can toss at it through intake, cams, tuning, etc.
Welcome to the jet. The jets an awsome place to learn about you're focus. You might even find you'reself spending might we say "a bit to much time on the jet".

Where might you live ?
Check out you're regional fourm. Theres always fun g2gs going down nothing like going to a g2g wanna know what you're car would be like with a certin supsension goto a focus g2g and you might be lucky enough to drive a fellow jetter's car / get a ride in it to see if thats what you're after.

Anyways welcome to the jet.
Hey I know the feeling, I got my little ZX3 for 8900$, so far I've put on a SVT suspension and Cold Air Kit. It pulls a lot better now and still get 30+mpg. I've even suprised myself by dogging an A4 in the twisties.
Anyways its not bad for a econobox with zero pretentions of being a "sporty" car. But it is fun and can be made to be VERY fun.
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