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Zetec Dry Sump Oil Pan

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I am not familiar with what a dry sump oil pan is or what it does. Can somebody shed some light on the subject? This oil pan is made by Armstrong Race Engineering and sells for $530.

ARE Ford Zetec Dry Sump Pan

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This is my understanding, people can correct me if I am wrong. The pan itself is very shallow. There is little oil in the oil pan, and no internal pump, this allows max hp gain as well as a mucn more shallow oil pan. This also creates beter ring sealing and scavenging due to increased vaccume in the pan. Not something you need for a vehicle that is ever going to be drivin in the street. This setup also allows for easy oil cooler installation [inline after pump], a separate oil resivor (increased capacity) and more steady oil preassure.
It can do two things... It can improve engine oiling in corners, and can reduce horsepower loss created by the crank whipping the oil.

It moves the oil from the pan to a remote source, and the pan itself then becomes just a temporary collector on the way to the remote sump.

In high RPM cornering situations, it is possible that a conventional oil pickup may not have access to enough oil to lubricate the engine, and you'll experience a loss of pressure.

One final advantage is in formula cars, it allows the normally tall engine to be mounted lower in the car, because there is no need for a tall pan to hold the oil.
I can add some numbers. Our Enders engine is available with or without the dry sump. There was a 60hp increase with the dry sump. This all dyno proven on a 680hp BBC. What's a couple more grand when your spending 32 on a engine. (sponsor anyway)
I have something in the works on this.

check this one
Damn, why not do it?!?

Sounds like a great performance product that is overlooked.
Ok, I dont know why this hasnt cought on... It's gotta be one of the better mods to do to gain power without a side-effect.

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Well... It does add complexity and more sources for failure by leak or fitting problems.

I really only see hard core race vehicles with such an install... I really don't know why it wouldn't be a good idea on a street vehicle, as long as you don't slap your fittings and hoses together.
So can anybody explain why I would not want to buy this for my daily driver/ weekend racer? This is the same company who makes the valve covers for FocusSport, so I know their quality is awesome.
Like omni said it's really for harcore racing and not really worth it to use on the street. I mean the pan is $530 and the pumps are $800 and up plus the a dry sump tank will run at least $100 for a cheap used one plus the lines and the fittings cost an arm and a leg. Your looking at like $1500-2000 for 15-30 hp if that much since the zetec already has a great windage tray in there. Not too mention you would need a place to put the 7-12 quart tank and then you have the possibility of the belt that drives the pump breaking it's just too much hassle and money I think.
LOL I took Gary Armstrong's step daughter to homecoming. I got to spend some time talking to him about cars and such. Apparently he makes the oil systems for almost every C5R u will ever see. I still have an invitation to go for a ride in his ferrari and check out his shop. I think I'll talk to him more about what his system can do for the zetec.
on the curve the 660 bhp engine compared to our 135 horsepower engine youll see about 12 horsepower. I guess it isnt bad. And it improves reliability. Just dont know how much the dry sump system would like 100k miles. It still costs you around a hundred a horsepower though. I can think of other things to do first.
so in addition to the kit these guys sell, a new oil pump and fittings needs to be purchased?
LOL I took Gary Armstrong's step daughter to homecoming. I got to spend some time talking to him about cars and such. Apparently he makes the oil systems for almost every C5R u will ever see. I still have an invitation to go for a ride in his ferrari and check out his shop. I think I'll talk to him more about what his system can do for the zetec.
That would be great if you could ask him for more info on his systems. Maybe he knows a Focus owner that can share their experience with this set-up.
Some motors have inherent problems with oil starvation under high cornering loads. say if the baffling in the oil pan is inadequet. Some motors like the 4.6 DOHC mod motor have weak oil pumps that can fail under racing type coditions. Highly tuned honda b series motors some times suffer this problem. Most b series honda guys will just get a oil pump gear from TODA RACING or somebody. How ever alot of serious mustang guys go dry sump because of the ease of installing oil coolers along with dry sumps other benifits.

to the best of my knowledge the zetec doesn't suffer any huge oil pump faliure or starvation problems. Although if you spend a whole bunch of time at track days or are even building a race car it might no be a bad idea..... Cause with dry sump your not limited to how much oil you can hold in the pan you can have external sumps with larger capacity that a wet sump setup. Having large amounts of oil gives you a better heat sink not to metion bragging rights with your fellow racers

just an example the ferrari enzo's V12 supposedly takes around 12 quarts, i think the porsche boxster holds around 9, where as the zetec is around 4.5

so will dry sump free up some ponies due to cutting down windage loss, sure but if your just looking for power there are more affordable ways to go about it.

i think dry sump is probably left best to the "hardcore" guys out there, dry sump has many benifits but is also much more expensive and there are more things to go wrong. also note that most dry sumps are belt driven like this setup......snap a belt, lose a belt and if you don't pay attention to your oil pressure ....KA-BLAMO!!

also like said before with dry sump can provide more gound clearence often letting the engineers drop the engine closer to the gound resulting in a lower center of gravity. Because in the zetec there are many things equaly as low as the oil pan going dry sump wouldn't really let us do this....also dropping an engine say 3 inchs is alot harder than it,wiring,engine mounts not a weekend project

that all being said if i have the bling i'd get this in a heartbeat

(EDIT....ALSO SEE THIS WEBSITE HOW DRY SUMP WORKS its just an overview of the basics but still)
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Is the Scavenger pump on the same side as the alternator... under the Intake manifold on the rear of the engine?

Would the starter give it some interfierance(sp)?
I think a certain track monkey on FJ is messing with a custom design....

Hint... he drives a black focus in the focus challenge
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A dry sump? I know a couple people are working on oil coolers, but a custom dry sump?!?!? I hope you're not messing with us Todd!
I thought the dry sump was in the works with the cooler.. mebbe I'm mistaken.

(hence why I don't release names)
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