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I own a Focus 2003 Ghia hatchback (it's the euro top of the line zx5 basically, I live in Ecuador). The car is very dear to me and it flat out died because of negligence (was coming back from a trip, low oil, cornering hard, rip).

Anyway, I got my car into the shop, they disassembled the engine and came up with a $1800 repairs budget and about $900 in parts.

The head, cams and valves are ok, they have to be re-seated (not sure if that's the correct translation) but no major damage to the top end. Anyway, long story short, I am looking for a new engine, and even though it's an old car by now, I'm keeping it.

I have almost made my mind, I'm getting Tom's short block, but now that I'm at it I would like more power. So before I "order" my short block, he asked me what do I want, but I really don't know much, I have not modded my car other than a new head unit and the Ford Racing M3000ZX3 kit. I'd like to have some extra power of course, even 20-30hp over stock would be enough. I don't want to order the complete engine, just the short block due budget constraints.

He said I could go higher CR, get adjustable cams, etc.

I don't think I can really access his tuning service, I'm pretty sure euro and USA cars have a different ECU, and there aren't really any reputable tuners over here so I really don't know were to go from here.

The other thing we've been trying to ascertain is to make sure the engines are identical. I know it's a Zetec 2.0, I know the part number for the shortblock is 1216694 (from ford UK directly), we are fairly sure but I want to be extra sure:

These are from the block and head

Any advice would be appreciated.
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